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About Us

Height inclusive clothing for you so that you don't need to visit the tailors' after every purchase

Shopping for body sculpted clothes can be a feat! Trust me, I know. Every time I look for a top or a bottom, they’re either too long, too short, too loose, or too tight, but they all show the same size on the tag!?

Sizing has always been a huge issue for Indian fashion and therefore, our founders, Ayushi, Trishala, and Sunil came together to solve that issue. Growing tired of the endless size differences in the same size, the frustration of not finding something that fits, and these 3 came together to give you the satisfaction you get once you find something that accentuates you.

They built Odd and Imperfect, bringing better sized, body sculpting clothes to the diverse bodies of India. Fashion and functionality when blended together truly brings out the best of fashion.

We as a brand have many sizes to choose from. It includes not only standard sizing guidelines (XXXS - XXXL) but two new length sizing dimensions, tall and petite, to account for taller and shorter physiques. I understand the need for better sizing in India and aim to make a dent in that issue. I hope you can find your perfect fit with me and I hope to give you the satisfaction of putting together a body sculpting outfit.

Cutting fabric with scissors
How we came to be?

Many Indians recall the amount of time they spend on shopping and are appalled by how much effort it takes to just find something that is body sculpting and looks fashionable. Finding these clothes almost like a treasure hunt these days.

One of our founders recollects her story of how after moving to Bangalore and losing weight, she often had to shop in the kids section to find something and how frustrated she grew of the poor fashion choices that were available. She also recalls that a male friend of hers would go to the women’s section to find high waist denims and tops which then again, would not fit him well.

This is unfortunately the story of too many people and not enough consideration from the fashion industry. Growing frustrated with the lack of well fitted clothes that cater to people’s varying body types, our founders, Trishala, Sunil, and Ayushi came together and found themselves building Odd & Imperfect.

What do we do?

We started Odd & Imperfect to cater clothes to people of all body sizes and shapes. Our clothes range from sizes XXXS to XXL, include 2 new sizing dimensions, tall and petite for tall and short people, and are gender neutral.

We don’t believe in labelling our clothes as men and women’s clothes and hope to sell clothes that fit all. Our pricing ranges from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 8000 and our style can majorly be defined as Y2K and edgy.

Why did we come to be?

We saw that though the fashion industry in India is remarkable, it majorly caters to conventional standards of beauty. This makes it hard for people with un-conventional bodies to find clothes that not only fit them well but also look good. For example, tall people find it hard to find pants that are long enough for them, and petite people find it hard to find clothes that are not too big.

These struggles are not just ours, but millions of people across the nation. How we present ourselves contributes to our confidence and can be the difference in how you’re perceived in a room. This lack of fashionable and well fitting clothes does not just affect our wardrobe but also our confidence.

How do we do this?

Our E-Commerce platform will function through WIX and we will promote our brand using ads and influencer marketing. We have a dedicated team of 5 individuals working hard on the brand, we together run the brand and it’s many operations.

Often with clothing, we can maybe find clothes that fit but even then it might be too long or short proving for futile efforts. We started Odd and Imperfect to mitigate this issue. To bridge the gap between body sculpting clothes and you, Odd and Imperfect has developed a new sizing guideline based on surveys undertaken by us, research done at NIFT, WGSN reports, and personally being at the expense of these issues. The sizing guideline is called tall and petite where all sized clothes (XXXS – XXXXL) will have differing lengths to them accommodating for taller and shorter body sizes.

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