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Shipping Policy

1.1. This delivery policy, together with the Terms & Conditions, mentions O&I’s policies and procedures related to the delivery of Products purchased by the Customers from the Platforms. O&I makes all commercially possible endeavors to ensure that the Products are delivered to the Customers as per the defined Delivery time.

1.2. The Customers are required to read and understand the terms of this Delivery Policy. If you do not agree to the terms contained in this Delivery Policy, you are advised not to use the O&I Platforms. The terms contained in this Delivery Policy shall be accepted without modification and accordingly, you agree to be bound by the terms contained herein.


2. Terms of Delivery

2.1. O&I partners with third party logistic service providers ("Logistic Partners") in order to execute Product delivery to the Customers. Details of the Logistic Partner who will be executing the delivery of the purchased Product(s) will be provided to the Customer upon acceptance of the purchased Product(s) order by O&I. O&I may also execute Product delivery to the Customers on its own without engaging Logistic Partners.

2.2. While O&I aims to deliver its Products all across India, the delivery to certain areas may not be undertaken. At the time of placing an order for purchase of Products on the Platforms, Customers are required to enter their pin-code details for O&I to verify if deliveries can be carried out in their areas. If the area where the Customer wishes that the purchased Products be delivered is not within O&I’s recognized delivery network, O&I will not be able to process the order further.

2.3 The delivery to Customers of the purchased Product, that are in stock, can take 7 to 12 days from the date of purchase of the Products by the Customers.

2.4. Prior to making payments on the Platforms for the purchase of Products, the Customer will be prompted to provide a shipping address. While entering shipping address details, the Customer should ensure to provide correct, complete and accurate information along with sufficient landmarks in order to aid identification of the address. Any failure in delivering the purchased Products arising out of the Customer’s failure to provide correct, complete and accurate information shall not hold O&I liable at any point in time.

2.5. A maximum of 2 (two) attempts shall be made to deliver purchased Products to the Customer. Should the Customer continue to remain unavailable after 2 (two) attempts, O&I reserves the right to cancel the order pertaining to the purchased Products at its sole discretion. While O&I shall make reasonable endeavors in ensuring that purchased Products are delivered to its Customers in a timely manner, delivery may be delayed on account of:

a) logistical issues beyond O&I’s control;

b) unsuitable weather conditions;

c) political disruptions, strikes, employee-lockouts, etc.;

d) acts of god such as floods, earthquakes, etc.; and

e) other unforeseen circumstances.

In such events of delay, O&I shall make reasonable attempts at proactively intimating the Customer by writing to the Customer on his/her registered email account and/or mobile number. O&I disclaims all liabilities that may arise on account of its failure to intimate the Customer of anticipated delays in the delivery of purchased Products on the Platforms. Further, O&I shall be under no obligation to compensate the Customer for any mental agony or any tortuous claim that may otherwise arise on account of a delay in the shipment and delivery or use of the purchased Products.

2.6. Upon the successful placing of an order on the Platforms and after O&I has successfully handed over the purchased Product(s) to its Logistic Partner, the Customer will receive a unique tracking identity number, which will enable the Customer in tracking the status of delivery of the purchased Products. The Customer may use the tracking identity number on the Platforms or the website and/or the mobile application of the Logistic Partner to check the whereabouts of the purchased Product and the estimated time of its delivery. O&I shall make reasonable attempts in ensuring that the tracking status of the purchased Products is updated in a timely manner. However, O&I does not guarantee the accuracy of the tracking status since it is updated on a real-time basis and is subject to inconsistencies arising out of time-lags in updating the information and other technicalities beyond O&I’s control.

2.7. Return and Exchange of purchased Products shall be carried out by O&I as per its Return and Refund Policy which can be accessed from our Platforms.

3. Grievance Redressal

Any grievances relating to the Delivery Policy may be directed by you to the grievance officer of O&I who can be contacted at

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